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8:45 Room 1 Jon Havenhand Introduction to Theme 2
9:00 Room 1 Philip Boyd What do manipulation experiments tell us about how Southern microbes and zooplankton will respond to ocean global change?
9:25 Room 1 Mercedes Santos Big questions, next steps and the future for science on responses of species to changing habitats in the Southern Ocean 
9:50 Room 1 Eileen Hofmann Introduction to Theme 3
10:00 Room 1 Patrick Lehodey Modelling habitats, species and ecosystems in the Southern Ocean
10:25 Room 1 Rowan Trebilco Big questions, next steps and the future for science on modelling habitats, species and ecosystems in the Southern Ocean 
11:15 Room 1 Klaus Meiners New concepts regarding the role of sea ice in structuring Southern Ocean ecosystems
11:30 Room 1 Keigo Takahashi Increased ice algae in the water column after melting of sea ice off Vincennes Bay, East Antarctica, during the austral summer
11:45 Room 1 Eleonora Puccinelli Factors affecting trophic signatures of offshore benthic invertebrates at a Sub Antarctic archipelago
12:00 Room 1 Philip Trathan Characterising the preferred at-sea habitats used by chinstrap penguins and the fishery for Antarctic krill: slow-flowing, near-shore waters over shallow bathymetry
12:15 Room 1 Nicole Hellessey Relating Antarctic krill lipids and fatty acids to environmental parameters
12:30      LUNCH BREAK
13:30 Room 1 Simeon Hill Spatially coherent changes in the Antarctic krill stock in the Southwest Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean
  Room 2 Martin Cox Acoustic assessment of micronekton distribution around the Kerguelen axis
13:45 Room 1 Philippe Ziegler Assessment of fish stocks at Heard Island and McDonald Islands on the Kerguelen Plateau
  Room 2 Eugene Murphy Developing projections of the future state of Southern Ocean ecosystems: incorporating uncertainties associated with climate variability and change in CCAMLR’s decision making
14:00 Room 1 Stuart Hanchet Monitoring Antarctic toothfish (D. mawsoni) recruitment in the Southern Ross Sea
  Room 2 Leena Riekkola Modelling the movements and habitat use patterns of humpback whales from Oceania to Antarctica
14:15 Room 1 Mary-Anne Lea Tracking for change – a long-term seal movement study to assess Southern Ocean ecosystem shifts
  Room 2 Charlène Guillaumot Modeling species distribution shifts with environmental changes in data-poor areas. An example from the Kerguelen Plateau.
14:30 Room 1 Guoping Zhu Inferring trophic variation for Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) in the Antarctic Peninsula from the austral fall to early winter using stable isotope analysis
  Room 2 Tyler Eddy Multi-model ensemble projections indicate high degree of change for Southern Ocean fish under climate change
14:45 Room 1 Julie McInnes DNA metabarcoding as a marine conservation and management tool: a circumpolar examination of the diet of threatened albatross
  Room 2 Nadine Johnston 10 Years of Integrating Climate and Ecosystems Dynamics (ICED) in the Southern Ocean: Development, highlights and future directions
15:30 1 Edoardo Calizza Effects of seasonal resource input on the architecture of Antarctic food webs: implications for biodiversity persistence under climate change
  2 Roland Proud Linking the mesopelagic components of ecosystem models to acoustic vertical echosounder observations
15:45 1 Satoshi Nirazuka Detritus in the diets of larval myctophid fish (Electrona antarctica) off Wilkes Land in the Southern Ocean
  2 Roshni Subramaniam A spatially explicit food web model to evaluate the effects of climate change and fishing on the Kerguelen Plateau
16:00 1 Jennifer Freer Body size dependent response of Southern Ocean lanternfish to future climate change
  2 Alix Post Assessing benthic habitats: the influence of scale
16:15 1 Juan Höfer Is water stratification affecting the production/export dynamics of the coastal areas in the Western Antarctic Peninsula?
  2 Stuart Corney Climate model projections of under ice habitats for Antarctic krill larvae
16:30 1 Huw Griffiths More losers than winners in a century of future Southern Ocean seafloor warming
  2 Joan Llort On the influence of stratification over Southern Ocean primary production
16:45 1 Jonathan Stark Antarctic coastal ecosystems – extreme vulnerability to climate change?
  2 Mao Mori Modelling distribution of formation of surface patches of Antarctic krill