THEME 2: Responses of species to changing habitats, including ocean acidification, sea ice and temperature 

The specific objective for Theme 2 is to review, estimate and describe responses of biota to changing habitats, including ocean acidification, sea ice and temperature in Southern Ocean ecosystems, including

  1. benthos
  2. microbes
  3. zooplankton
  4. krill
  5. fish & squid
  6. birds
  7. marine mammals

A second objective is to consolidate strategies for progressing quantification of the responses of biota to changing habitats.

This theme is fundamental to the development of models to assess future responses of biota and food webs to changing habitats.  It wishes to advance and/or integrate work from ICED,  CLIOTOP, SCAR's AntEco and AnT-ERA, a number of the SCAR expert groups within Life Sciences (see the SCAR website), and SCOR Working Group 149 on Changing Ocean Biological Systems (COBS; How will biota respond to a changing ocean?)

Key concepts and possible conclusions, along with summary figures, tables and key references will be compiled in a compendium in advance of the conference.  Presentations and posters are invited to contribute findings on and/or approaches to assessing responses of biota to changing habitats.  

Contact us

Inquiries about presentations to this theme or possible contributions of summaries to contribute to the compendium in advance of the conference - go to the Contact page and send us your inquiry.

General and example references

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