Presenter Guidelines

2018-03-16 15_22_17-Presenter Guidelines — IPICS 2016 venue auditorium.png

Main auditorium (view from stage)


1.  Regular orals are 12 minutes with 3 mins question time.  

2. Keynote presentations are 20 minutes, with 5 minutes question time.

3. We have a tight oral schedule to get through, and we expect session chairs to be assertive to keep us all on track.

4. Please load your talks on the day before you speak, or at latest between 0800 and 0820 on the day you are speaking.

5. The optimum aspect ratio for the projection system is 16:9. The auditorium is quite large and visibility of small detail on the screen may be an issue for some toward the back of the room. Please consider using 16pt or larger text fonts. 

6. As always it pays to experiment with video or animation with the IT support prior to giving your talk.

7. Please be respectful of other speakers: stick to your allocated time.


1. Poster boards are PORTRAIT format. Please have posters in PORTRAIT format and A0 size (i.e. 85 cm width and 120 cm height). We will NOT be able to accommodate Landscape posters.

2. Posters should be printed before coming to the conference. If needed, there are A0 printing facilities in Hobart, but printing in Hobart may have a lead time of 1-2 days, or more, depending on demand. Local businesses capable of printing posters include:

Snap Hobart: 190a Macquarie Street, Ph: +61 3 62245377

Fuji Xerox (paper and fabric printing option): 118 Bathurst Street; Ph: +61 3 6234 8903

3. Posters may be displayed for the whole conference.  They will be in the main auditorium.  We ask that presenters not put up or take down the posters when the auditorium is being used.  Attendance at posters will be either on Monday afternoon or Thursday afternoon, according to the program. 



Prizes will be given for best oral presentation and best poster presentation in each of Student and Early Career categories.