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The MEASO Policy Forum will bring together scientists, fishers, and marine policy makers to develop priorities for marine biological and ecological research over the next two to three decades. The aim is to target research that will deliver science-based advice to support stakeholders and policy-makers.  

The structure of the Policy Forum will be a combination of key-note presentations and shorter contributions to facilitate discussion between participants in the forum -  discussion time will be available in each session, and in a substantive final plenary.

The Policy Forum will have four sessions:

1.       Future of Southern Ocean ecosystems

a.       Changing ecosystem forces on Southern Ocean biota

b.      Impacts of global geopolitics, economics and policies impacting on the Southern Ocean

c.       Desirable futures for Southern Ocean ecosystems

2.       Needs and capabilities for biological research in the Southern Ocean

a.       Critical questions for understanding Southern Ocean ecosystems: how to ‘do the science’ and timescales for research

b.      Perspectives from policy, fisheries, conservation: what do stakeholders want or need to know

c.       Future of research capabilities

3.       Filling the gaps

a.       Technology and resources

b.      Use of ecosystem models and other tools in approaches to management

c.       Partnerships

d.      Approaches to management

4.       Priorities to meet the needs

The Policy Forum will be facilitated by Prof AJ (Tony) Press, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, Hobart, Australia.

Speakers at the Policy Forum include:

  • Dr. Jessica Melbourne-Thomas
    • (Australian Antarctic Division, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Center)
  • Prof. Nathan Bindoff
    • (University of Tasmania; Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Center; Co-ordinating Lead Author in IPCC Working Group I, 2013, SROCC)
  • Ray Arnaudo
    • (former USA Commissioner to Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources)
  • Prof. Eileen Hofmann
    • (Old Dominion University; Past Chair, IMBeR SSC)
  • Gill Slocum
    • (Australian Antarctic Division; Australian Commissioner to CCAMLR)
  • Martin Exel
    • (Austral Fisheries)
  • Prof. Oscar Schofield
    • (Rutgers University, recent Co-Chair, SCAR/SCOR Southern Ocean Observing System)
  • Prof. Eugene Murphy
    • (British Antarctic Survey; Chair, SCAR/IMBeR program - Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics Program; Vice-chair IMBeR)
  • Dr. Katherine Woodthorpe AO
    • (Chair, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre)
  • Chris Johnston
    • (World Wildlife Fund Australia)
  • Dr. Anthony Bergin
    • (National Security College, Australian National University; Australian Strategic Policy Institute)
  • Tim Moltmann
    • (Director, Integrated Marine Observing System, Australia; Chair, Australian National Marine Science Committee)

Participants are invited to register at any time (  They are also invited to attend the conference dinner on Wednesday evening as part of registration for the forum, and are very welcome to participate in the conference as well.

Contact us

Inquiries about presentations to this theme or possible contributions of summaries to contribute to the compendium in advance of the conference - go to the Contact page and send us your inquiry.

General and example references

Constable, A. J., J. Melbourne-Thomas, R. Trebilco, A. J. Press and M. Haward (2017). ACE CRC Position Analysis: Managing change in Southern Ocean ecosystems. Hobart, Australia, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre: 39 pp.

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