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8:45 Room 1 Jess Melbourne-Thomas Welcome and housekeeping
8:50 Room 1   Welcome to Country
8:55 Room 1 Gwen Fenton Conference Opening
9:10 Room 1 Steven Chown Looking Forward
9:25 Room 1 Eugene Murphy Path to Here
9:40 Room 1 Andrew Constable Aims and context of MEASO 2018
10:45 Room 1 Keith Reid Introduction to Theme 1
11:00 Room 1 George Watters State of play on status and trends of Southern Ocean ecosystems
11:25 Room 1 Andrea Pinones Big questions, next steps and future for science on status and trends of Southern Ocean ecosystems
11:50 Room 1 Thomas Trull Distribution of planktonic biogenic carbonate organisms in the Southern Ocean south of Australia: a baseline for ocean acidification impact assessment
12:05 Room 1 Swan Sow Wide scale mapping of the Southern Ocean Microbial Diversity
12:20 Room 1 Huw Griffiths Southern Ocean benthic habitat classification, assessment and measurement
12:35    LUNCH BREAK
13:30 Room 1 Malgorzata Korczak-Abshire Krill-dependent indicator species populations trends in hardly accessible sites of South Shetlands - UAV potential
  Room 2 Dongming Lin Environmental predictors of body size of pelagic squids on the Southern Kerguelen Axis
13:45 Room 1 Bernard Quéguiner Pelagic ecosystem functioning in the vicinity of the Kerguelen Islands (Southern Ocean): a state of the art
  Room 2 James Black Responses of Southern Ocean benthic primary producers to ocean acidification: Antarctic application of Free Ocean Carbon Enrichment (FOCE) technology.
14:00 Room 1 Tracey Dornan Acoustically cryptic fish mask Southern Ocean mesopelagic biomass
  Room 2 Qingyuan Yang Fatty acids composition and food habits of spiny icefish (Chaenodraco wilsoni) in the Antarctic Peninsula during summer to autumn
14:15 Room 1 Oscar Schofield Changing sea ice dynamics on West Antarctic Peninsula underlying ecosystem alterations
  Room 2 So Kawaguchi Impact of increased levels of CO2 on naturally matured Antarctic krill eggs
14:30 Room 1 Jan Jansen Predicted changes in seafloor food-availability and suspension feeder abundances after a major Antarctic glacier-calving
  Room 2
Luis Pastene 
14:45 Room 1 Simon Wright Major influence of Southern Annular Mode on phytoplankton communities and biogeochemistry:  Astrolabe Southern Ocean monitoring program (2002-2013)
  Room 2 Alyce Hancock Effect of ocean acidification on Antarctic marine organisms – a meta-analysis
15:00 Room 1 Levente Bodrossy Southern Ocean microbial ecology – things we know, things we don’t know and why bother
  Room 2 Emma Cavan Exploring the ecological effects of warming temperatures on Southern Ocean carbon export
15:15 Room 1 Madeleine Brasier Diversity trends from SO-AntECO: patterns between benthic habitats within the South Orkney Islands MPA
  Room 2 Maryory Sarria-Dulcey Responses of D. Majorinum (Mollusca: Scaphopoda), in a changing environment.
15:30 Room 1 Charles von der Meden Mapping marine ecosystems and anthropogenic threats at the Prince Edward Islands: Towards South Africa's National Biodiversity Assessment 2018
  Room 2 Jessica Ericson Antarctic krill: Life is all about balance in a high CO2 world
15:45 Room 1 Ceridwen Fraser Breaking down the barrier: biological dispersal to the Antarctic
  Room 2 Jeroen Ingels Antarctic Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment Experiment: Meiobenthic community responses to ocean acidification under the ice